Saving the best till last – O2 5G is coming

As the largest direct business partner of O2 in the UK, Aerial Direct is eagerly awaiting the launch of the O2 5G network this month. The fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity will give our customers a better and more reliable connection in extra busy places, delay-free downloads and buffer-free streaming.

O2 announced its plans for the October 5G launch in July with this statement from CEO of Telefónica UK, Mark Evans: “As we switch on our network across the country, our intelligence-led roll out prioritises the key areas in towns and cities first – the places where customers need, and will use, 5G the most.”

O2 is the four time winner of the uSwitch Best Network for Coverage and was rated the highest for indoor 4G coverage in the Ofcom Connect Nation’s Report 2018. In December 2018, GWS tested 28 towns and cities across the UK and found O2 to be the most reliable in 17 cities. Paolo Pescatore, analyst and founder of PP Foresight, said, “There is no disadvantage being the last to launch as coverage is so limited at this early stage. In fact there are opportunities to focus on areas where rivals have yet to offer 5G.”

O2 5G

Building a 5G economy

Beginning with Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Slough and Leeds, O2 is planning to bring the 5G network to 20 towns and cities by the end of 2019, with a total of 50 by Summer 2020. By working closely with direct partners such as Aerial Direct, to maximise awareness and educate businesses on the benefits of 5G, the O2 5G network will quickly catch up with rival networks. O2’s ambition is to build a true 5G economy with a commitment to upgrading its 4G network across the country, ensuring excellent coverage continues to be at the forefront of all technological advancement.

Getting 5G ready

5G technology requires a specific set of antennae meaning you are unable to pick up 5G on existing mobile devices. The first 5G devices started hitting the UK markets in the summer, with Samsung launching the Galaxy S10 5G in June, followed shortly afterwards by the Galaxy Note10 and 10+. The Galaxy A90 5G is Samsung’s new mid-range 5G device and is available from Friday 4th October.

Browse our range of devices and ensure your business is 5G ready in time for the O2 rollout.

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G