Why should your business invest in a new smartphone?

With the release of the latest Samsung Note10 models and the iPhone 11 family, it is time to ask yourself – should I invest in a new smartphone for my business?

Smartphones not only help streamline business activity, they also help potential customers find you. With apps and social media at our fingertips, businesses have become a lot more accessible to the public. In 2019, the rate of smartphone adoption in the UK has grown 13.7 percent since 2014, with the share of monthly active smartphone users projected to reach 79.7 percent by 2022. This would be an increase of over 16 percent from 61.71 percent in 2014.

So much choice

For the last few years the flagship smartphone line-up has been filled with great smartphones and now more than ever, it feels like there’s a new smartphone coming out every day. The choice is abundant. Designs are sleek and each has unique features that separate them from the competition, tempting us into choosing one over another.

Employees must do more with less, be extra productive, and be as available as possible — particularly if they’re taking on more workload with contractors and employee head counts are decreasing. It is vital they have the tools they need to get the job done.


Regardless of how attractive the new smartphones are, it’s easy to hold off on an upgrade – especially considering the brand new models’ hefty price tags.

When is it time to upgrade?

At a certain point, the world will outgrow your business smartphone and it will no longer be so smart. You won’t be able to perform software updates on it or download new applications. The more sophisticated phones and apps get, the more storage they typically require. New operating systems and software updates can take up a significant chunk of space. A lack of storage space on your device will slow it down. Your smartphone battery should last you through a day of typical usage. Smartphone batteries lose capacity every time they are charged from zero to 100%. If your phone is dying more and more quickly after a full charge, it’s a sign your phone’s battery is on its last legs.

Smartphones are designed to make our lives simpler so if your smartphone is a constant source of stress and frustration because it is making life harder, it is time to upgrade. New models now have the ability to power share, greater storage capacity, screen sizes are considerably larger and with the introduction of 5G, internet and download speeds have increased on 5G ready devices. The new features have been designed specifically to enhance performance.

For security purposes, it is important to update your phone to the latest operating system available. Updates often fix flaws in older systems that leave your phone and data vulnerable to hackers and cyberattacks and are aimed at making the user experience better. A survey conducted by data security pioneer Varonis, predicted that a business would fall victim to a ransomware attack every 14 seconds in 2019. Instead of procrastinating about software updates, see them as one of the most essential steps you can take when it comes to protecting your information. If your phone is unable to update to the latest operating system, it leaves business data and information open to hackers.

Man in suit with a phone

Director of Operations at Aerial Direct, Gary Strickland Smith explains the importance of upgrading your business smartphone:

“Smartphones are a part of everyday business life, allowing you to interact and stay truly connected with your customers. They could even be described as the foundation of business today, especially the latest models which bear a similar functionality to PCs. There is a greater need for connectivity away from the boundaries of an office in order to keep productivity levels high. With the equivalent of a laptop in their pockets, your employees can achieve the same level of output on the go as they can sat at their desks.

“As we make the transition into a more cloud-based society, it’s a necessity to have access to the right tools and the most up to date technology in order to seize opportunities for business growth. Upgrading to the latest smartphone models is an essential task for businesses. It can improve security, increase employee productivity levels and enhance interactions, which ultimately leads to business growth.”

Aerial Direct can help

At Aerial Direct, our tailored business mobile packages and tariffs allow you to choose the right handsets at affordable prices, enabling your business to work smarter. Whether you are a single user, small to medium business or large corporate, we carefully assess your requirements, simply by listening to you. We will find you the right plan and deliver the most appropriate bespoke mobile communications service for your company.

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