What is a VoIP service?

Are you looking to modernise your current business communications with a virtual landline? VoIP, known as Voice over Internet Protocol is often referred to as Virtual Landline. VoIP is often used instead of using an outdated hardwired landline. The benefits are somewhat endless which allows for your business communications to be fast, efficient and simple to carry out.

To ensure you’re able to carry out business with no issues, there are a few variations which you can choose. From unlimited calls, web phone capabilities, and conferencing opportunities, the days of relying on a physical phone are over. Turn your operations into a fluid experience! 

Did you know…

From £8.99, you can take advantage of internet calling and ditch the old-fashioned fixed line! We offer a range of plans tailored to suit your needs so you’re able to carry out business with no limitations or interruptions.

The Features & Benefits of VoIP

The development of VoIP has led to improved features which are key for efficient business. Not only will VoIP allow for a smoother way of operating, but it will also make a notable difference for your customers. They can leave voicemails, be transferred with ease and more, all through the powerful and expertly developed VoIP system.


Cut down on countless amounts of time put into the organising and tracking of your communications.

Call Transfer
Conference Calls
Call Recording

Customer Experience

Improve your customer’s experience and create smooth business-to-customer interactions.

Direct Dial
Hold Music
Call Queuing


Work seamlessly from any device, giving you the flexibility to operate from anywhere.

Multiple Devices
Work From Anywhere

VoIP Service FAQs

We occasionally receive questions from our customers about our telecoms. These are often minor enquiries to maybe something more technical. We’ve combined those relevant to VoIP and virtual landlines to provide that much-needed clarity.

What is a virtual phone number?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a telephone number which is hosted online using cloud-based technology. It allows for users to phone their customers/clients from various devices without requiring a physical landline.

Can any business size have a VoIP service?

Any business can have a VoIP service. Typically, it is used by small and medium-sized businesses but there are valuable features which larger businesses can take advantage of.

How does VoIP differ from normal landlines?

The primary difference between a VoIP service compared to a traditional landline is the online nature of calls rather than a physical line. The switch to a cloud-based phone line doesn’t however hinder the capabilities.

Do I need a landline if I use VoIP?

If you’re currently using a landline, you’re able to switch to a VoIP service without any difficulties. As they operate in a similar way, but are different to one another, you’re able to stop using the landline by switching to a virtual landline. Once you do switch, there’s no need to remove the landline however you can stop using it altogether if you so choose.

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