The Power Of Managed IT Support

As a business grows, it can be easier to both outsource your IT department or at least get the primary areas managed. If you’ve already got an IT team, doing so will allow them to focus on other pressing areas and possibly improve reactiveness when improvements and issues need to be addressed. If you don’t have an internal IT department, we’ll take away the worry of any tech issues or setups which you may personally face during usual day to day operations.

To ensure your IT department is running smoothly and efficiently, we offer a range of managed IT support to assist businesses from small (SOHO) to companies with hundreds of staff members.

What is managed IT support? 

Before knowing the benefits of managed IT support, you’ll first need to understand what’s included. As a number of areas are included within managed IT support, we recommend identifying the areas where you need support. 


Sourcing and setting hardware for your staff can be a lengthy process. Depending on the level of tech which each member of staff needs, it could take anywhere from an hour to multiple days of technology setup. By having a company assist with the managed IT support, you’re able to reassign your IT team’s time to other pressing matters – or save your own time if that’s something you typically carry out yourself.


The correct setup for a system as important as Microsoft 365 can be key for efficient business operations. Its capabilities from cloud data storage to client communications can be tailored depending on your needs. We’ll also handle the liaising with the software developers and program updates when required.


Business safeguarding solutions are essential for the keeping of client data. This is why we offer state-of-the-art antivirus and EDR software, as well as Machine-Learning SaaS Protection Systems to secure you from threats, right from your computers to cloud services and communication platforms.

Tech Support 

Typically, managed IT support usually includes a level of tech support which includes hardware, software and general support during any working day. Occasionally, 24/7 tech support is offered depending on the plan you decide to use. Aerial Direct IT Services does offer this as a service. 


The benefits…

When exploring managed IT support, there are many channels to consider ahead of deciding whether it’s the right fit for you. In many instances, it can save a business money and time. 


Whether you have an existing IT team or not, external managed IT support will free up anyone’s time who usually carries out the typical IT responsibilities. The day-to-day tasks such as hardware setups and backup maintenance can be the focus of other supportive forces.


Despite pulling in the help from another business, managed IT support can save a lot of time, leading to large money savings. This is because the usual tasks, which may take longer, can be dealt with by your IT support provider rather than internal staff – similar to the efficiency benefit.

Professional assistance

Managed IT support businesses have the key skills and knowledge needed to carry out most tasks with ease and professionalism. This is also the case if your package has 24/7 support. No matter the time of day, support will be available to you.

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