Having reliable network is important to keep your business running. Below are some frequently asked questions on network and coverage.

What should I do if I have a network problem?

You can check the live network checker to see if there is a current network issue causing the problem. Network problems could be due to a number of reasons such as planned maintenance or improvement works, adverse weather or vandalism.

You can also download and use the O2 My Network app (if you have an iPhone or Android smartphone) to check the coverage and tell them about any problems.

If there isn’t a current issue then please contact our Customer Services team on 01329 558 558 so they can investigate further.

What is 4G?

4G is a high speed mobile data connection which allows you to access the internet on your handset. 3G made it possible to browse the internet on your mobile device; 4G is the high speed version of 3G which allows wider access at a faster speed.

Can my handset get 4G?

We have a wide range of 4G tariffs available. The O2 network is working to make 4G widely available and accessibility to 4G can also depend on the make and model of your handset. If you want advice on the capabilities of your handset please take a look at our popular phones pages or call our Customer Services team on 01329 558 558.

What is 5G and when is it happening?

“The power of 5G on personal and business devices will give everyone a better and more reliable connection in extra busy places, delay-free downloads and buffer-free streaming. But it’s 5G’s impact on the world around us that’s even more exciting. This new technology has the power to connect buildings, transport and services in ways we’ve never seen, completely revolutionising everything from the way traffic flows on our roads, to the way we receive health care.” – O2

O2 will be switching on their 5G network from October 2019, beginning with areas of Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Slough and Leeds. By the end of the year, they are planning to bring our 5G network to parts of 20 towns and cities,  before rolling out to a total of 50 by summer 2020. Keep an eye their O2 coverage checker to see when you’ll get 5G in the places you work, live and play.

If you’re on an O2 Custom plan, you’ll be able to upgrade to a 5G phone when the time’s right for you. To discuss an upgrade following the rise of 5G please contact us on 01329 558 558.

Can I use my phone abroad?

Yes! For more information on travelling with your business please visit our Business Travel page. Alternatively, to check your handset and tariff are set up for International Roaming or discuss adding a Bolt On, please contact our Customer Services team on 01329 558 558.

Why can't I get signal on my phone when other people in the same place can?

Mobile phones work using radio signals therefore sometimes a small change in position can affect the signal. Network load and congestion can also affect this. However, it is possible that the phone has a fault. If you continue to experience technical difficulties with your signal you should contact us on 01329 558 558.

Why do my texts take a while to be delivered?

Sometimes there are more texts being sent than the masts in the area or that O2’s network can handle so you may see a delay in message delivery. This usually happens if you are in a crowded place such as a football stadium or a festival, or if it’s a festive time like Christmas or New Year as many people might be trying to send texts at the same time.

If it’s happening where or when you think it shouldn’t, you can contact your Account Manager or our Customer Services team on 01329 558 558.

Why do my calls go straight to voicemail instead of ringing?

Sometimes the mobile network cannot find your phone on the network to connect an incoming call which can lead to it going straight to voicemail. This can happen when there is a reduced or recent loss of signal or if the mast you’re connected to is congested with other calls.

It might help to check the network and phone settings on your mobile phone to make sure you don’t have the ‘divert all calls’ setting on, however, if the problem continues, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Services team on 01329 558 558.

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