Recognising the dedication of our people

Being shortlisted for an industry award is a point of pride for any company, at any time. But this year it felt different.

I’ve been struck by how we’ve continued to deliver the same level of service our customers have come to expect, even in extremely challenging situations. I have been deeply impressed by our team’s ability to adapt when working remotely in new and unfamiliar ways.

And yet the company excelled.

Here are some stats that demonstrate how our team smashed it during the pandemic:

  • 90% of our online chat reviews were positive
  • Customer retention rate rose by 4%  compared to one year before
  • O2 customer satisfaction index score rose 2.9 points from the previous year

Now back to the awards

First is the Comms Business Awards, where we were shortlisted in the Enterprise Reseller of the Year category. And fast approaching is the Mobile Industry Awards ceremony where we’ve been shortlisted in the Best Mobile Service & Solution category.

Our entries for both awards outlined how, in the face of adversity, we demonstrated that we were able to commit to the same guiding principles that have underpinned our success – to constantly adapt to new technologies, changing customer needs and market conditions; to provide customer service that goes beyond our peers; to build long-term relationships with our key stakeholders, and to constantly ask what we could be doing better through innovation.

We didn’t just survive. We continued to ask the hard questions so that we could continue to improve our customer service, innovate our product offerings to cater to emerging demands and serve new markets, and further staff development.

While we didn’t win at the Comms Business Awards ceremony on 21 September, we’re deeply proud to have been shortlisted in this competitive entry. It was highly competitive in this category. And in fact, one organiser took the time to write to us to say, the Aerial Direct entry “has been judged as one of the very best submitted in this record year.”

Despite the pandemic, 2020 marked a significant year for Aerial Direct’s growth and development. We added more than 7,000 new Mobile Private Networks to our existing client base. We increased our revenues and have hired an additional 29 members of staff. And our staff still found time to help those adversely affected by the pandemic, putting in time to volunteer with local charities.

Aerial Direct Staff

Group Sales Director, Ben Kempster and Head of Mid Market Acquisitions, John Ryder were invited to join Gamma’s table on the night. Included in the image is Senior Product Manager at Gamma, Sara Sheikh.

A big thank you to the Aerial Direct staff

Most importantly, our staff showed what true teamwork is. Somehow, our colleagues maintained – if not improved – their levels of motivation and partner engagement. Meanwhile, customer happiness rose through what was the most challenging record to date. When times were tough, I saw first-hand how employees looked out for one another; supported fellow colleagues and kept in constant communication. It has been truly awe-inspiring.

Loyal and dedicated employees are the foundation of any successful company. So I’d like to say directly to the Aerial Direct team, thank you for your contribution to our success! Throughout this time, you have supported each other and the community. As we look to celebrate our award nominations, I’d like to remind everyone that this is thanks to you. This is your nomination.

Congratulations again to all the winners at this year’s Comms Business Awards. Find out more about the winners.