Why Samsung for Business: Galaxy Enterprise Edition

It comes as no surprise that Samsung is leading the smartphone industry across the globe. As a prominent innovator and producer of liquid crystal displays (LCD) and quality memory chips, their devices are often sort after by consumers for the best digital experience.

The South Korean brand has recently built its way up as the top 5G contender with even more devices ready to support the new generation network. In fact, in 2019 over half of all 5G phones bought worldwide were Samsung phones which speaks volumes to Samsung’s competitiveness and as well as the loyalty of early adopters of the technology. Early 2020 estimations see its market share continue to grow by almost 40%.

A key element in Samsung’s adoption by technology lovers has always been the attention to functionality and end user focus, even more importantly in a business environment. Samsung’s focus is to keep productivity high and running by incorporating all-in-one assistant features as well as further expanding the user experience in an intuitive manner. Some of the innovated tech features we see from Samsung devices, asides from supported technology embedded for 5G, includes in the Infinity-O display that enables users a wider viewing experience; the intelligent S pen that harnesses the power of Bluetooth technology and act as a remote for all Note functions; and the groundbreaking Samsung DeX that connects the small Galaxy screen to any monitor for a desktop experience. What is truly required for businesses ranging from SME to larger organisations, is an extensive layer of protection for data held on devices including business and personal contact details, chats, image and document files.

Businesses requiring future proof and data securing solutions get a lot more than possessing a functional and aesthetically pleasing handset, they get to be ahead of the game. With one smartphone that is ready to tackle the future before anyone else, whether it is usage trends or supporting 5G, it becomes a powerhouse when businesses have a whole fleet using the same secure technology. The ability to manage and control the mobile fleets on how it should function for each organisation’s department can help pave a constructive communication strategy amongst the workforce, a system built entirely to focus on growing your business.

What is the Galaxy Enterprise Edition?

The Galaxy Enterprise Edition is an all-inclusive mobile technology and service package built into top ranges of Samsung Galaxy devices, innovated to empower businesses across all industries.

Samsung for Business: Galaxy Enterprise Edition

The advantage and benefits to this edition encompasses simplicity and complete accessibility for users, which cuts down the time and inconvenience of turning to a third-party software for additional security. The Galaxy choices range from rugged devices ready to face any outdoor challenges, to intelligent handsets that can multitask and assist your day-to-day needs.

So why should organisations invest in this edition, let alone a good smartphone? Reports suggest that a good smartphone can save business users up to almost an hour each day and have up to 34 percent of increased productivity; it gives greater flexibility in being mobile, and improves the quality in their work and collaboration with others. This is a great cut-down on cost and time of extra curricular activities and travel, but a massive increase in business growth, leading more organisations to allow their employees access to business mobile devices.

Smartphones holds masses of sensitive corporate and personal data built up from the first initial use, and with technology growing faster and becoming accessible to the public, it creates more concerns over data security as organisations starts allowing their employees to access the corporate server and network within and outside or the organisations premises, creating potential risks at anytime. This prompts companies to purchase additional secure encryptions, VPNs and further authentications to barricade their server from computer viruses and malware.

With Samsung’s Galaxy Enterprise Edition, users and organisations will have even more power over data security management; their mobile fleet is encrypted and secured, and the devices work together creating an integrated ecosystem that make management much easier. The Galaxy Enterprise Edition includes multiple innovative qualities that not only protects and defend any infiltrations, but with Samsung’s notable mobile functions and features, it makes them the ultimate power phone for businesses.

More Choice, more control, and more protection

Samsung for Business: Galaxy Enterprise Edition

Last year we introduced Samsung Knox through one of our blogs; it is a pre-installed mobile security foundation built into Galaxy devices that provides a secure environment for corporate data and apps. The additional license-based Knox Configure allows users to configure their smartphones with ease, customising each device on its profile, settings, restrictions, required mobile apps, and other mobile content. The configuration process enables users to set-up and switch specific user groups remotely through automatic updates via wireless Internet or mobile data. This enables the workforce to keep things moving without worries of data loss.

Enterprise Firmware Over the Air on MDM (E-FOTA on MDM) is a B2B security solution notable for enabling your fleet of devices to regularly and remotely update Android and Samsung firmware and security patches via the Mobile Device Management (MDM) software. With this add-on feature, it ensures that all devices are up-to-date with the latest version.

The greater part is that the Enterprise Edition provides a 4-year monthly or quarterly security and maintenance update. This takes out tons of pressure off the IT support team with fewer worries over threats such as malware, phishing or any software malfunction, and a reduction in inbound support calls. Additionally, users can also test and validate the updates before confirming deployment across all their business mobile collection, and if required, businesses will be assisted with support from the Samsung Business Service Centre.

All Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices are equipped with an extended product life cycle, which means longer availability than a standard device*. Moreover, with the Enterprise range already furnished with Knox configuration, it extends the whole entire fleets longevity when newer handsets are added. Managing has never been more quick and hassle-free, and this guarantees your business with continuity and consistency in your mobile fleet, and less interruptions in your business.

Asides from all of the mentioned remote security functions, businesses and professionals will receive another extra hand. Samsung is giving 3 years of enhanced service support** that will guarantee continuous top performance of the device, including assistance in operating all the built-in security technology, and regular check-ins to ensure that your device is performing well. Combined with Aerial Directs award-winning customer service, an all-round protection for your fleet of business handsets couldn’t get any better.

* Devices will remain on sale for a defined period of time after first global market release. The defined period will differ according to each specific device. Subject to change without notice.

** Registration on the Knox Portal and Support request required; Doorstep exchange with Samsung gold stock; All requests must be placed before 3:30pm and confirmation of MDM removal must be confirmed before proceeding with repair/swap.

The Galaxy Range: available Enterprise models

There are a number of models available and fit for every business needs, whether your business requires a strong-featured hardware ready to tackle any out-door challenges, or a smartphone that is on standby as your personal assistant. Below are some of the available ranges, visit here for the full range.

Visit our dedicated Samsung page and explore which handset will answer your business needs.