Aerial Direct and O2 – A unique partnership

Perhaps the question that we’re asked most frequently is, are Aerial Direct part of O2?

The short answer to that question is ‘no’, Aerial Direct are not part of O2, but we are O2 Business’ largest partner in the UK. It’s a unique partnership that combines the reliability and stability of one of the UK’s most recognised carriers with the personability and incredible customer service of a dedicated business communications partner.

Aerial Direct and O2

Do you only work with O2?

We don’t exclusively build our solutions around O2, but 99 times out of 100, we do, because we believe that the unique relationship between O2 Business and Aerial Direct provides an unequivocal customer experience. Incredible reliability and coverage, hugely competitive and flexible contracts and award-winning customer management for all our business mobile customers. And that’s before we even consider Priority from O2 which is available to all business mobile customers.

We do provide contracts with other carriers, available on request.

Over 85,000 businesses choose to partner with Aerial Direct and O2 Business

There’s a reason why over 85,000 businesses work with Aerial Direct when utilising the O2 network, and that’s because we can provide the level of service that our customers expect without compromise. Our customers expect an increased level of management as business customers, having someone on-hand to support them when they need it so that their own business and customer service is not compromised. That’s exactly what we deliver in partnership with O2.

The impact of the recent Covid-19 pandemic has heightened this need. The majority of our customers are classed as SMBs, and it’s this group of businesses that have seen the largest impact on they way they and their customers work. The consequential and wide-spread acceptance of the remote workforce, regardless of company size, has shifted communications needs to the front of the queue when it comes to challenges. To combat this change and move to more inconsistent working locations, we have been able to create solutions for our customers that allow small businesses to be as agile as larger ones, with flexible tariffs, more effective mobile devices and greater connectivity whilst on the move.

A partnership that is going from strength to strength

We’re proud and honoured to have been awarded O2’s Customer Excellence Award for 4 consecutive years, coupled with the award for Mobile Industry Awards’ Best Mobile Service and Solution 2021. But these achievements pale into insignificance compared to the excellent ratings our customers award us with a 98% satisfaction rate and 4.8/5 stars from over 7,500 satisfied customers on Trustpilot.
We are driven in our promise to partners, to provide communication expertise allowing them to make the most of every conversation, and our ongoing partnership with O2 allows us to deliver upon that promise.