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Going abroad?

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Want more data?

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Run out of texts?

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Need more minutes?

Why would I get a Bolt On?

We at Aerial Direct understand that not every month is the same. Some months you will be using more data when sending files, browsing on the web or sending messages. Through our partnership with O2, we can give your business the flexibility to adapt your tariff and make it go the extra mile for you.

With a Bolt On we ensure that you:

  • Maintain control of your bills ensuring you are not being excessively charged
  • Stay connected to colleagues, customers and suppliers
  • Can run your business from anywhere

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Bolt On Process

  • Get in touch with our Customer Service team by calling 01329 558 558 or speak to your Account Manager. Alternatively fill in our webform to arrange a call back with one of our friendly experts
  • Then discuss with us what it is you need and we will work together to find the best Bolt On for you
  • Finally, we will add the agreed Bolt On to your tariff and within 24 hours it will be updated to allow you to carry on as normal

Aerial Direct Bolt On Examples

Rest of the World 24 Hour Pass

Includes 500mb data 300 texts in 97 destination outside EU 24 hours starts when you use it
Add monthly as required

2GB Data Bolt On

Includes roaming within the EU Bolt On lasts for up to 30 days Recurring monthly charge
Add monthly as required

Worldwide Texts

Stay connected with 100 texts per month which can be sent worldwide Recurring monthly charge
Add monthly as required

UK to International

Call EU, International mobiles and landlines from 3p/min One-off monthly charge
Add monthly as required

Contact our team for support

Contact one of our friendly Aerial Direct advisors today if you have any questions or queries regarding your service, they are on hand and are available to help.


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