Why reviews are important to your business.

If you’re not encouraging your customers to review your business online, you could be missing out. Online reviews are crucial.
In fact, *88% of consumers use reviews to determine the quality of a business. Without reviews, you may be losing customers to competitors with a better online reputation.

Here are 3 benefits of online reviews:

1. Search Rankings: The more that’s written about your business online, the higher a search engine will rank you in its search results. Customer reviews make a crucial contribution towards your rankings in search engines such as Google. They improve your search visibility and drive more traffic to your site.

2. New Business: Your customers are more likely to purchase your product or service if it’s been recommended by others. Reviews give your customers confidence in your product or service and provides them with the information they need to decide if they want to purchase from you. Sites like TripAdvisor will refer potential customers straight to your website. Without reviews, potential customers may be driven towards your competitors.

3. Customer Feedback: Online reviews allow your customers to give you feedback which will tell you what you’re doing well, and highlight areas that need improvement. Although this may open a channel for negative feedback, the more reviews you get, the more you can make improvements and generate positive feedback.

We value our customer’s feedback and we’re always grateful to receive new reviews. If you’d like to leave us a review, you can do so on Google or Facebook.

* http://searchengineland.com/88-consumers-trust-online-reviews-much-personal-recommendations-195803