For many it’s a date that comes around all too quickly, but once again, Valentine’s Day is upon us and people up and down the country will be scurrying around to make last ditch plans in an effort to please their partner. Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been together for many years now, the romance of Valentine’s Day should never dwindle.

If you haven’t given much thought to Valentine’s Day yet though, it’s time to start thinking. It’s just a few days away – So you need some structure in place. Fortunately though, there are some great apps to help you get going. So no matter your plans, you’ll find the help you need with one of these.

  • Interflora

Flowers are one of the staple gifts on Valentine’s Day – especially roses, which seem to be symbolic of love. For florists, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest times of year and 200 million roses are produced with this date in mind. If you want to find the perfect bunch for your loved one, why not try out the Interflora app?

Once downloaded, you can quickly and easily filter through bunches of flowers to find one that catches your eye. It’s possible to add extra gifts such as chocolate to your order and personalise a message to be delivered.

  • Moonpig

Moonpig has shot to popularity since its inception in 2000, launched by current Dragon’s Den star Nick Jenkins. The website offers the opportunity to personalise a card for any occasion, from the imagery through to the wording inside.

If you’re trying to think of Valentine’s ideas, why not create your own card through the Moonpig app? You’ll be guided through the process and have the card delivered to an address of your choice – so you’ll surprise your loved one with a thoughtful, customised card.

  • LateRooms & Secret Escapes

Fancy a night or weekend away with your partner? You don’t have to break the bank to have a well earned retreat and there are some brilliant deals to be had online. If you’re looking to book last minute, why not download the LateRooms or Secret Escapes app today?

You’ll be able to enter the destination you want to visit, or search through the best offers to find a great deal in superb accommodation. Both apps are straightforward to use and you’ll be able to whisk your partner away for a few days of romance. Just remember to book Monday off work, as Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year!

  • Jamie’s Recipes

You don’t always have to spend a small fortune on trips away or restaurant meals to get in your other half’s good books. In fact, sometimes one of the most romantic gestures is to take the time and effort to prepare a lovely meal at home. You’re sure to save a few pennies and will learn a great recipe too.

Not sure what treat to cook up though? Well, you won’t have to worry as Jamie’s Recipes is full of excellent ideas, whether you’re only cooking a main or going the whole hog with a three course meal. You’ll find romantic foods of all shapes and sizes to try out – Our only advice is not to be too bold or risk it all going wrong. Also remember to have a few candles burning to create the right mood.

  • Spotify

If you’re staying home this Valentine’s Day, why not have some romantic music in the background? A generic radio station may not set the mood you’re after – Instead you’ll want a dedicated playlist. Step up Spotify, one of the most popular apps for free music.

With the Spotify app you’re able to choose from almost any song recorded and add these to your playlist. Give the playlist a romantic sounding name and away you go. There’s both a free and premium version – with the only difference being you’ll have to listen to ads for the free account every few songs.

With plenty of great apps to help you get in the good books this Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason to be underprepared. Even if you’ve given little thought so far, there’s still loads of time to download these apps and get your preparations rolling. From booking a night away to getting excellent recipes for home cooking, you’ll find everything you need at the app store. Good luck in your endeavours!