Top 3 trends that will impact the telecommunications sector in 2020

With online services now integral to running businesses, the speed of connectivity will have a great impact on the UK’s contribution to the digital economy. The telecoms market growth has a direct correlation with technological developments in a multitude of ways. The advancements shaping the telecoms market in 2020 are no different, with 3 trends that are poised to mould the growth of the UK market next year.



Commonly referred to as “the network of networks”, 5G equates to super-fast connections, intelligent operational processing, infrastructure communication, hardware developments and much more. The staggering difference in predicted latency alone will have a massive impact on the deployment of technology and applications.

5G in 2020 will mean a shift for telecom companies from technology distributors to service providers and will involve a close collaboration with governing bodies, enterprise customers and their sales approach in helping customers leverage the power of technology.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

These technologies can help improve customer service satisfaction levels by providing optimisation and predictive data analysis, and are also increasingly popular with finance checks adding an additional layer of security in fraud checks.

The telecoms industry has one of the highest adoption rates for RPA technologies, presenting very high levels of scalability and agility. RPA is taking over repetitive tasks, increasing accuracy through rule-based deployments which in turn reduces human-errors and costs whilst improving operational and customer services efficiency.

From report preparation, responding to partner queries, reducing manual sales order processing efforts, automatic call back-ups to tracking and pro-actively responding to competitor price changes, RPA has the potential to truly change the speed and level of operational efficiency levels in the telecoms sector.

Big Data

The importance of data for the day to day running of a business is already quintessential. Mobile devices, apps and wearable tech in general, generate huge volumes of data that help companies improve their offering but also intelligently market to their target audience. Telecoms companies need not only to protect themselves but protect the huge amounts of sensitive data that runs through the complex gateways of networks.   

The increase in speed of connection, as well as the multitude of hardware and software developments in 2020 will come with a series of challenges when it comes to IT setup and resilience preparation against cyber-attacks, malware and privacy piracy.

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