Hosted Telecoms Solution

Aerial Direct’s Hosted Telecoms solution is an efficient and cost-effective platform that adapts to the size of your business and removes the burden of an in-house system from your IT team. Aerial Direct will manage your project from start to finish and provide training and support.

This hosted solution is ideal for businesses of all sizes and works exceptionally well for organisations operating across multiple locations.

  • Ideal for home and flexible working
  • Immediate access to the latest features and upgrades for free
  • Save money and improve smooth transitions between your mobiles and fixed line
  • Easy-to-use web portal and administrator interface
  • Multi-site deployment through one system
  • Highly reliable on-boarding and support
  • Disaster recovery

How does it work?

Your Hosted Telecoms solution will sit within the cloud and calls are made and received over a broadband connection. From there, they are routed to your phone network and mobile devices so you can receive calls as normal.

Easy-to-use interface

Aerial Direct’s Hosted Telecoms solution offers a broad range of call handling features that can be accessed online. The simple dashboard gives you access to information such as your call history, voicemail and recorded calls. Personalised settings are quick and easy to set, ensuring your calls are handled effectively.

Call recording

Record inbound or outbound calls for compliance, customer service or audit purposes. Record some calls, all calls or record on demand. This optional feature allows secure online access to file storage and retrieval of call details.

Administrator interface

Aerial Direct’s Hosted Telecoms provide your business with powerful administrative management capability, while giving your employees freedom to control their calls. Set up is quick and easy and you can choose whether your management or employees control various settings.

Auto Attendant

You can use Auto Attendant to provide callers with call routing options for different areas of the business. Horizon allows you to create announcements to inform callers of details such as your opening hours and website address when the office is closed.


A range of handsets available to complement your Hosted Telecoms Solution.

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