IP DECT Communication

Here at Aerial Direct, we understand that you need a telephony solution that meets the requirements of your business, whether that’s flexibility, scalability, cost or simply user experience.

That is why we have partnered with NEC, to deliver reliable wireless communications without compromising on voice quality, availability or security.

 IP DECT offers your business:

  • Reliable technology
  • Affordable without a complex licensing structure
  • Improve customer satisfaction with quick and easy access to your employees
  • Seamless handover of conversations on-the-move
  • Wide range of handsets to choose from
  • True mobility across locations
  • Easy deployment and management
  • Powerful messaging to alarm and alert your staff is assistance is required

What is IP DECT?

IP DECT provides wireless telephony in a multi-site environment. Businesses with a main office and different branch offices can simply install access points at remote locations.

Corporate directory & presence status

With access to your organisation’s corporate directory, users can obtain names and numbers quickly. The system can show if employees are available to speak or are busy.

Proven Reliability

IP DECT’s exclusive frequency band ensures it remains completely free from interference. Encryption and security is included as standard to keep your business protected. Once installed, IP DECT never fails.

Text and Alarm Messaging

IP DECT provides powerful text and alarm messaging capabilities for a wide variety of applications. It can replace separate paging systems and allows individual messages to be sent to a terminal, broadcast messages to be sent to a group of terminals and confirmation messages to be sent by a user. Priority levels allow users to identify the urgency of messages.

Location detection

Locate where handsets are being used to find colleagues. The phones feature an SOS button that, when pushed, alerts other users to provide assistance.

Multi-site mobility

Aiding business mobility and flexibility, IP DECT access points can simply be installed at remote locations to streamline wireless provides a wireless communication across multiple sites.

 IP DECT open architecture

Based on the open SIP standard and offering compatibility to many platforms, IP DECT takes advantage of the CAT-iq standard. It offers HD-voice quality and supports applications such as Unified Communications, messaging, alarming, task management and localisation.


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