Aerial Direct understands that the risk of a toll fraud attack is growing and could cost your business thousands of pounds. The UK is the third most targeted country in the world and quite often businesses don’t completely understand the risks and therefore don’t adequately defend themselves.

What is a toll fraud attack?

A toll fraud attack is a fraudulent attempt by a hacker to gain unlawful remote access to a phone system. Once accessed, fraudulent calls are connected to your phone system and, if undetected, can run up call charges of potentially thousands of pounds. These are often only discovered after the event and businesses are left to cover the costs.

How toll fraud is affecting businesses:

£30.3bn estimated cost of phone fraud each year
£1.5bn estimated cost of phone fraud each year
84% of businesses considered to be unsafe from hacking
15% increase of global phone fraud year on year

Aerial Direct has partnered with NEC to deliver InGuard, a simple and low-cost application providing your business with a low-maintenance and robust solution to protect you against toll fraud.

How does InGuard defend your business?

  • All call activity is monitored 24/7
  • Suspicious activity is detected instantly
  • Automatic alerts notify designated recipients
  • If a severe threat occurs, activity is instantly blocked
  • Restrictions can be removed simply and quickly once activity has been checked

Why your business needs InGuard:

  • Peace of mind with an effective toll fraud defence
  • ‘On duty’ twenty-four-seven, seven days a week
  • Reacts instantly to a toll fraud attack
  • Helps prevent toll fraud attacks potentially saving your business thousands
  • Low cost on-board solution with no extra cost if PC server required
  • Tailored to the needs of your business and call patterns
  • Zero maintenance solution which sits in the background until any alerts are triggered
  • Easy-to-use
  • A strong deterrent to internal telephone abuse
  • Flexible solution with easy updates via online Application Manager

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