With different size SIMs and a variety of handsets it can get a little confusing. If you need help with your mobile phone or SIM card then look here.

What is a PAC code?

PAC is short for Porting Authorisation Code. It starts with 3 numbers followed by 6 letters and is necessary to port your phone number to your new mobile phone and/or contract. This code is a legal requirement and should be given immediately over the phone or sent within 2 hours by text.

How to use your PAC code?

When you call your current provider and get your PAC code you will have 30 days to use it with your new provider. If you do not use it within 30 days it will expire and you will need to call again. Once the PAC code has been used by your new provider it will automatically cancel the agreement with your old provider. You cannot transfer disconnected numbers so DO NOT cancel your existing contract if you wish to keep your mobile number.

What is a PIN code?

Your PIN code is an added security feature for your SIM. PIN stands for Personal Identification Number and when it is enabled you will need to enter it every time you switch on your mobile or when you insert your SIM card into a new phone. For more information or if you require assistance please contact our Customer Services team on 02392 603055.

What is a PUK code?

A PUK code is your Personal Unblocking Key, you will need this if your handset or SIM become locked. Your SIM or handset can become locked when you input your PIN number incorrectly more than three times. When your SIM is locked you will be unable to make or receive calls or texts. If you find that your SIM or handset has become locked please contact our Customer Services team on 02392 603055 or via email through customer.services@aerial-direct.co.uk.

What can I do if I am not happy with my new mobile handset?

If you are unhappy with your handset we will exchange within 7 days of you receiving it. However, it must be returned in the original, unopened packaging.

What to do If your phone is lost or stolen?

Call our Customer Services team on 02392 603055. We will advise you and send you a replacement SIM card. If the offices are closed please call O2 Business Customer Service on 0800 977 337.

How can I access my voicemail through another phone?

You can access your voicemail through a landline by dialling your own phone number; when the answerphone starts press the * key and then enter your PIN number.

What is Porting ?

This is when you transfer your existing phone number to your new mobile phone and/or contract.

Can I keep my existing number?

Yes, our friendly Customer Services team will be happy to help you with this, please call them on 02392 603055.