We do more then just mobile, providing your business with seamless connectivity.

What do we sell?

We sell a range of handsets, broadband, hosted and fixed line products and services.

How do I change mobile and broadband provider?

  1. Compare our phone and broadband packages online.
  2. Enter your postcode (and landline if you have one) to check package availability, prices and broadband speeds for your property. Choose the package that’s right for you and sign up.
  3. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll put the request in to take over your  services with your current supplier. Please note if there are any discrepancies you may be required to contact your supplier to solve. If you are with Virgin Media you have to contact them directly.
  4. We will send you a welcome email within a couple of working days of signing up confirming  your phone and broadband package details.
  5. Your current provider will write to you to confirm your supply is switching to us. They’ll let you know if there are any exit fees for your contract with them.
  6. We’ll send you a router pack around three working days before your service start date. It contains everything you need to set up your broadband including a wireless broadband router, a micro filter and set-up guide.
  7. On your start date, just set up your Wi-Fi router, connect your devices and start enjoying your connect broadband. Switching takes around 30 days for most customers.

What is a master socket?

The main socket into the premise is called the master socket. This is where the phone line enters your premises. It is recommended that you connect your router to the master socket, since the broadband signal is strongest here, any other wiring or network cabling could cause interference.

For more information on master sockets and to understand what master socket you have please refer to our online guides

Do you provide IT managed services?

As an Aerial Direct customer, you will receive award-winning service and technical support from our team of experts. Due to our established relationship with partners such as Gamma, IPCortex, NEC and Horizon we are able to provide the best services and equipment.

Our Microsoft certified engineers will take care of your network infrastructure, servers, work stations, and applications. We can be contacted via our customer portal, email or phone so you can speak to someone when you need them.

What is a micro filter and why do I need one?

Depending on what master socket you have you may need a micro filter. (Please visit our guides to understand what master socket you have).

A micro filter allows your broadband to work at the same time as your phone service. This piece of equipment connects to your master socket and then gives you a clear filtered port to plug your broadband cable (DSL) in to then connect to your router. Please visit our router set up guides to understand the connection in more detail.

What is a Wireless Access Point?

Wireless Access Points are a great way to scale your business without compromising your wireless connectivity performance. A Wireless Access Point connects into the back of your router through an Ethernet cable and allows for greater signal coverage and control of the connected devices.

Please visit our online guides to understand more about Wireless Access Points.

Where does my broadband cable (DSL) go?

Your Broadband cable also known as a DSL cable plugs into the DSL port on the front of your router, then into your master socket. Dependent on which type of master socket you have, you may need a micro filter to create this connection.

Please see our master socket guide to understand which master socket you have, but to also see a detailed router set up

How do I access my voicemail?

By default, you will have personal and group voicemail unless specified otherwise. You can access your own voicemail box by pressing the envelope button on the phone or by dialling 555 and your group voicemail but dialing 556. You will be asked for a pin code to access the voicemail. (We will provide you these details, please contact us if you want your pin updating.)

How do I set up call forwards?

This can be achieved from the phone itself by pressing the menu key and then scrolling to call features then navigating to ‘call forwards’. You can then set different kinds of forwards from the phone. You can also forward calls from your connect login, again if this is required you will receive full training on how to navigate the connect portal.

How do I change my hold music?

You can raise a support ticket with our support team. As long as they have the rights to the content they want to be uploaded we will be more than happy to assist.

Alternatively, this is something we can train you to do.

How do i obtain my call recordings?

If your purchased plan includes call recording we will supply you with a username and password to the connect portal. We will then train you on how to obtain the call recordings. Call recordings can be obtained by single calls or an entire archive of the last 21 days.

How do I change my voicemail greeting?

This can be done by accessing the desired mailbox and then pressing ‘0’. You will then be given several message options by pressing ‘1’ you will be able to re-record the ‘unavailable message’.


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