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There’s been a lot of talk about 5G. 5G will redefine what you think of speed.

Why 5G?

High-speed connectivity

With ultra-low latency, faster speeds and easier connectivity, 5G will transform the way your business operates.

The network that powers all

5G is said to become a superior alternative to standard wifi, meaning it is more than just an upgrade from 4G. Faster, efficient transforming your business.

Hands on the latest 5G devices

With the ongoing development with 5G, you can get your hands on some of the newest devices from your favourite brands.

Improving customer experience

5G allows for real-time response times, makes it easier to stay secure, works remotely, and introduces new ways to engage with your customers.

What will 5G mean for you?

The fifth, and latest, generation of mobile internet connectivity has arrived! Many of the large UK cities are already connected, with further 5G rollout planned. 5G is redefining fast, with blazing speeds 3x quicker than 4G, lower lag times, and much faster connections. Samsung proud to be apart of this exciting technology, and already have four 5G-ready mobile phones to choose from. In fact, in 2019 over half of all 5G phones bought worldwide were Samsung phones.*samsung.com/uk April 2020.

A new kind of connectivity

5G is more than just an upgrade, and not just the next step up from 4G.  5G has over 1000x the data capacity of 4G and will be able to process information much faster. Workforces will be connected more efficiently, with the potential to transform every sector; from travel to transportation to healthcare, retail, and public services.

Designed for businesses

3G bought us a connection on the go with many new ways to send multimedia messages, emails, online games, and social media. 4G enabled further connectivity through the rise of smartphones and mobile devices supporting video streaming, video conferencing, and better security. But 5G is different, not just built for consumers, 5G is a network designed for business, creating new exciting opportunities transforming the way we can work.

The 5G range

Samsung S20

Galaxy S20 (5G)

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Samsung S20

Samsung S20+ (5G)

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Samsung S20 Ultra

Galaxy S20 Ultra (5G)

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Galaxy Note20 (5G)

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Samsung Galaxy A90

Samsung A90 (5G)

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Galaxy A51 (5G)

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Enterprise Editions

We understand how important your mobile phone is to successfully run your business. We partner with Samsung to provide our customers with access to the latest and best hardware, ensuring they can meet the demands of their business and boost productivity. Samsung’s Galaxy Enterprise Edition is a complete package of mobile technology and services designed to give you more — more choice, more control, and more protection.

Samsung Galaxy A40

Samsung A40
(Enterprise Edition)

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Galaxy S10
(Enterprise Edition)

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9
(Enterprise Edition)

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