The ultimate power phones for employees working outdoors

We understand how important your mobiles phones are for running and operating your business, especially when you or your employees have to work outdoors.

Through our partnership with Samsung we can provide our customers with access to the latest and best hardware for working outdoors, ensuring they can meet the demands of their business and boost productivity.

If you’re in need of a smartphone that can withstand accidental damage, or can survive difficult conditions, then these devices will help.

Why Rugged Devices?


Protected against vibration, shock, extreme temperatures, dust
and water.


Rugged devices have an easier
and stronger grip exterior.


Rugged devices have additional features such as display intuition or powerful LED Flash.

Looking to upgrade your hardware?

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Supporting businesses of all sizes

Samsung’s latest rugged devices are essential tools that will keep you connected no matter where you are or what you’re doing. With additional features and extra protection against vibration, shock, extreme temperatures, dust and water, these rugged devices will keep you up and running in any conditions.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 – Fit for life on the move

Rugged design with a sense of sophistication. At a slim 9.7mm wide, the Galaxy XCover4 is thinner than previous generations and features an easy-to-grip, non-slip finish. It won’t slide out of your hand unexpectedly while on the go.
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Samsung Galaxy XCover 4S – Fit for the great outdoors

Ruggedness and sophistication that go hand in hand. The slim 9.7mm Galaxy XCover 4s was made to handle rough conditions, and sticks with you when the going gets tough. Its non-slip finish keeps it snug in your hand even while on the go.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro – The tablet that can do what others can’t

Its tough, rugged IP68 and anti-shock design with protective case make it the ultimate device, whether it’s used at home, on the road, or the other places life takes you. A large screen and long-lasting replaceable battery let you travel without boundaries and experience more.

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