Introducing O2 business flex

Helping your business adapt to these changing times

As one of O2’s largest channel partners, we at Aerial direct are working closely with O2 to make sure your business has everything it can to plan and adapt during these changing times. Explore how and the options available for your business in the PDF below.


O2 business flex benefits

Flexibility for change
in business plans

Make remote working,
work for you

Be productive

Save on travel costs
by meeting virtually

Flexibility for change in business plans

O2’s tailored connectivity solutions provide you with the flexibility you need. So whatever happens, you can choose the best solution to meet today’s challenges and adapt to what tomorrow brings. Working together with O2 we can help you stay in control of your plans with tools to manage your O2 account and devices.

Make remote working work for you

The way we work has changed forever and working in new environments has become something that we had to adapt too. Working closely with O2, we can offer you tailored solutions for the new way we work, keeping your business connected everywhere all the time.

Be productive anywhere

We want to help you be more productive. Given the current climate, we want to ensure your business is managed efficiently and you are supported by having all the productivity tools we have to offer, to allow for delivery of amazing customer experience.

Save on travel costs by meeting virtually

COVID 19 has shown that it’s possible to do business without travel. Saving on travel means your business can invest in technology to support your business and employees. Our flexible data tariffs will keep up with your data needs, so you can chat more freely without the stress.

Key offerings

Flexible tariffs
Variable contract lengths
Account management
Management tools
Multiple devices
Security on the move
Connect anywhere
Data rollover
Collaborate together
Save costs on travel

Flexibility; the key to
hybrid working

As we adapt to the new normal way of working it is important that your business has the flexibility it needs. By working closely with O2, we are here to make sure your business can work collaboratively, be productive where ever you are and always stay connected.

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Help my business flex

Flexible tariffs

Flexibility for your business tariff. Enquire today to see what we can do regarding your tariff or handset.

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Data Rollover

Let your data rollover. Enquire today to see what we can do regarding your data allowances.

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Add-on business apps

Flexible add-ons to keep stay productive. Enquire today to see what we can do regarding application add-ons.

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Why O2 for business?

With O2 you will benefit from nationwide 4G coverage, 1,000’s of free Wi-Fi hotspots, access to exclusive O2 Priority offers and much more.

Our passion and focus is built around putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. Working closely with O2 allows us to provide our customers with excellent service along with offering our customers all the added benefits of being with O2.

business network

As the Best Business Network in 2019, O2 gives you the coverage, reliability and security that your business demands. Which is why they regularly win many industry awards.


Working closely with us, O2 have a dedicated UK-based business service team and expert Digital Advisors give you the advice and support you need, so you can work more effectively.


As well as flexible tariffs, with O2 you can work anywhere in the world. Together we can create tailored plans to meet your specific business needs from a range or hardware and software options.

O2 Priority

As a way of saying thanks, exclusive to O2 customers you will benefit from high street brands and restaurants, plus access to events across the UK up to 48 hours before general release.

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O2 Wi-fi calling

No Signal? That’s no longer a problem with Wi-Fi calling. If you’re having signal problems at home, in the office or at a coffee shop, move seamlessly between wifi and 4G, to give you clearer calls and better coverage.


My O2 Business

Our direct partnership with O2, gives you the freedom to view your business activity, review and print your bills, check invoices and transactions, and make any changes to your account, giving your business full control.


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Explore our unified offerings

Microsoft Office 365

Have seamless productivity on the go and at your desk with Microsoft Office 365. For more information on the packages available please enquire today.

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Microsoft Teams Telephony Integration 

Integrate your Microsoft Teams with your telecoms allowing you to communicate with whoever, whenever, however you want.


Business Telecoms

Explore our webpage and discover our wide array of bespoke and flexible telecom solutions, tailored to suit your individual business requirements.


Business flex FAQ

Tariff flexibility

What are my options with changing tariff?

During your minimum term, you can move to a tariff of the same type that was available when you bought your tariff. For example, if you bought a small business sim only tariff, you must move to another small business sim only tariff.

The tariffs you can move to and the price you will pay for the tariff will be outlined in the Business Flex terms and conditions.

What will I pay to change my tariff?

You won’t need to pay a fee for moving tariffs. The costs for the different tariffs can be found in the Business Flex Terms and conditions.

Your tariff change can be done at the end of the billing cycle, however, if you’ve run out of data or need more, please visit out bolt-on page.

How long will it take for the tariff change to take place?

Our experts will process the change immediately, and the tariff change usually happens within a few hours. It will take up to 48 hours for your new tariff to show in My O2 Business.

Can I only change my data?

Not in every case. Some tariffs have an allowance of UK to EU minutes and texts included, plus Data Rollover and 5G. If you’ve moved to a tariff that doesn’t have the same benefits included, you’ll no longer be able to use those benefits.

Eligibility and contract lengths

Am I eligible?

Data Rollover: For new or upgrading customers only. Available on selected tariffs of 6GB of data or above, excluding 2GB triple data, 3GB double data and unlimited data tariffs. Up to 100% of unused data from standard monthly data allowance can be rolled over into the following month. Eligible data rolls over for one month only. Any data that cannot be rolled over will expire. Any unused data will not rollover if you decide to change to an alternative tariff.

Flexible Tariffs: For new or upgrading customers only. For Small Biz and Business Essentials tariffs, tariff can be changed to a non-promotional tariff of the same type that has either a lower, higher or the same amount of data as tariff selected at commencement. For Business, Small Biz SIM Only, Small Biz Data Only and Mobile Broadband SIM Only tariffs, tariff can be changed to a non-promotional tariff of the same type with either the same or a higher amount of data as tariff selected at commencement. A change in tariff can be made 30 days from the date of connection or upgrade, each billing month.

Can I change my contract length whilst in contract?

You won’t be able to change your contract length mid-contract. You will need to choose your contract length up front, and you cannot change this for the duration of the contract unless you change on to a different contract.

For more information on upgrading early, please contact us.

Data Rollover

What is data rollover?

It’s a benefit that’s included with some of our tariffs. Any data that you don’t use will roll over to your next billing month. Any rolled-over data is used before your regular monthly allowance, giving you more time to use the data that you’ve paid for.

How long will the data roll over for?

One month. If you don’t use your rolled-over data by the end of the billing month it’s rolled into, it’ll expire. In that scenario, though, you won’t have used any of your regular monthly allowance, which will itself roll over.

Will my data roll over automatically or do I need to redeem it?

Tariffs or data bundles that have Data Rollover included will automatically rollover any unused data at the end of the billing period, ready for you to use the next billing period. You don’t need to do anything to roll the data over into the next billing period.


How do I know if I have a Data Rollover tariff?

You can check by signing in to My O2 Business or by checking on your bill.


How do I find out how much data I have to roll over?

To check your remaining data, sign into My O2 Business and select ‘Allowance and Usage’. If you’re on a tariff with Data Rollover, the remaining data will include your regular monthly allowance plus any rolled over data from the previous billing month.

If I purchased a data bolt-on, will this roll over too?

Our snacking data Bolt Ons do not include Data Rollover, so these will expire at the end of the billing cycle they are purchased in.