The Evan Parry Challenge

You may have seen our previous Blog post about a team of amateur cyclists as they geared themselves up for a 3-day-long cycle from Fareham train station to the Land’s End sign to raise money for a brave 9-year-old boy, Evan Parry, fighting Leukaemia for the second time.

At just 4 years old, Evan was diagnosed with Leukaemia. He spent a lot of time in hospital but courageously fought the cancer and made fantastic progress, returning to school and a normal life. Just 4 years later, the family were devastated for a second time as Evan was diagnosed with Leukaemia, again.

Shortly after this shattering news, the Evan Parry Challenge was created. The challenge was taken on by 6 amateur riders; Rick Stanley, Dave Haste, Darren Farley, Stuart Moore, John Curtis and Darren Magnus. Supported by Glen Peach and Lee Hall, they all set off on the morning of the 28th October in high spirits and eager for what the next 3 days would bring.

As expected, the days became longer and more challenging as they faced hills steeper than any of them had experienced before. With Evan at the forefront of their thoughts, they dug deep and pushed through. 277 miles and a collective 84,000 calories later, they all arrived at the Land’s End sign. Their admirable effort raised an amazing £6,900, smashing their £4,000 target.

We’re so glad to have been able to sponsor such a valiant effort to help a young boy as he fights a battle no one should ever have to face.