Our vision at Aerial Direct is to become the best in our industry for customer satisfaction and operational excellence. We know excellent service starts with our most valuable resource, our staff. With this in mind we support our team through learning and development, and we foster an inclusive, community atmosphere where people feel valued. Staff satisfaction at Aerial Direct is a cornerstone of our business and we instil this through investing in our people, encouraging all staff to grow and learn.

We believe in building relationships within our local community, and that giving back in a meaningful way is one of the most important aspects of our ethos. At Aerial Direct we actively support many local projects and causes as well as wider, national endeavours. Our charity work is inclusive of all Aerial Direct employees with everybody involved in helping our community, creating a cohesive and involved staff who enjoy participating in charity events. This community spirit translates to our working environment with a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere where you are encouraged to thrive.


At Aerial Direct our values underpin our environment, ethos, work ethic and staff. We are proud of our people, attitude and excellent customer service.



We are open and honest in everything we do, and always respectful of our colleagues, customers and business partners.



Our aim is to transform any problem into an opportunity.



We invest in our greatest asset – our people. We encourage our team to achieve excellence, develop and learn.



Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through quality, professionalism and fun.



Teamwork is the best way for our Company to grow and excel.



We are committed to building relationships within our local community and giving back in a meaningful way.