Introducing keevio mobile


Next step for flexible
business communication

Stay connected with your colleagues, customers, and suppliers with the keevio mobile app for iOS. Working alongside your telecoms to deliver seamless HD voice conversations, meaning you never have to miss a call whether you are on the road or away from your desk.

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Why keevio mobile?

Handle your calls
with ease

Calls are HD for
optimum clarity

Effective communication
and collaboration

Giving your business
further flexibility

Handle your calls with ease

With keevio mobile, calls can be dealt with an efficient and effective manner with integrated native call functions. Receiving a call whilst on the phone? Deal with the hold and resume feature.

Calls are HD for optimum clarity

keevio mobile provides you with HD voice quality; which allows for greater clarity and effective communication. Additionally, calls can seamlessly transition between mobile and WiFi networks, allowing for greater connectivity.

Giving your business flexibility

Having contacts spread across multiple systems and devices can make being productive extremely difficult. keevio mobile allows you to access all your company contacts directly within the app while also being able to instantly dial any other numbers accessible on the device.

Effective communication and collaboration

Calling colleagues, customers and other important stakeholders is a necessity for many businesses. keevio mobile will allow you to manage multiple calls efficiently. In addition, you can dial into conference calls, ensuring that you never miss key meetings.

Flexibility for your business as we move to a new way of working with keevio mobile. Stay connected on the go, call anywhere, view all of your contacts and never miss a call again.

Key features

Call waiting
Call transfer
Call history
Conference calls
Hold and resume
Handle multiple calls
iOS contacts
PABX contact
iOS native call functions

Suitable for businesses and organisations that...

Implement flexible and
remote working.

Receive a large volume of calls and
work away from the office.

Work in multiple locations and need
access to company contacts.

Have field-based

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