Broadband helps businesses all over the world to tick. The quicker your broadband connection, the more productive your staff will be. For that reason, investing in the best broadband available is hugely important.

Gone are the days of the old dial-up too. Now homes and businesses are able to connect almost instantly, downloading and uploading with ease. And in the UK, it’s fibre optic broadband that’s top of the pile.

Fibre optic broadband is the quickest connection on the market and is available to more than two thirds of the country. The government’s also keen to further improve the reach of fibre optic and by 2017, hope superfast broadband will be available to 97% of the population. This is all thanks to an investment war chest of £1bn.

This scheme, known as the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), could be on offer in your area and there may be a group lobbying for funding. You can get in touch with your local council to find out if there are plans for your region. You can also check your broadband availability with Aerial Direct.

The benefits of fibre optic broadband

As you would probably expect, fibre optic broadband is the fastest option on offer to homes and businesses and you should check your broadband availability in the UK to see if you can receive this super quick connection. This will help improve your whole business operations and you won’t be waiting around needlessly for things to happen.

Improve download speeds

With fibre optic, there’s the potential to have download speeds some 10 times quicker than your standard connection. In fact, the quickest download speeds are up to 200Mbps. With these speeds you’ll be able to download anything from documents and PDFs, through to applications and programs, in no time at all. You’ll also be able to stream services without unwanted interruptions and can connect a number of users to the same Internet – perfect for both SMEs and larger corporations.

Better your upload speeds

It’s not just download speeds you have to consider. Upload speeds can be as important and with fibre optic there’s an improvement up to 19Mbps. You’ll have the ability to upload documents, videos, images and much more quickly and efficiently. Time is money and fibre optic broadband certainly offers a valuable solution. For broadband availability UK information and to find out if your business can take advantage, call Aerial Direct on 0330 019 3663.

Costs have become affordable

You may think the incredible benefits of fibre optic broadband would push prices out of your comfort zone. However, that’s not the case at all. With costs falling, fibre optic has become a lot more affordable and whilst being slightly pricier than your standard connection, is well worth the extra outlay. Remember, fibre optic can provide a massive boost to your business and from family-run SMEs to larger, global corporations, it’s the ideal connection.

What are the specific fibre optic perks for businesses?

Whilst the benefits outlined above would be advantages for both homes and businesses, there are plenty of perks directly associated with SMEs and larger companies.

1). Businesses can have hundreds or even thousands of employees needing to gain access to the Internet. Fibre optic is tailored to suit businesses and can cope with the demand of multiple connections all at the same time. As such, when everyone’s online there won’t be a noticeable dip in speed and staff will remain productive throughout the day.

2). Fibre optic is excellent at supporting video conferencing, which in today’s world is often a vital component for most business procedures. Whilst Skype and other video apps have been around for a while, superfast broadband ensures the connection is excellent. The increased speeds are also handy with large file uploads too.

3). Companies often use a range of programs daily and many of these are Internet based. This would include payroll and finance systems, CRM and HR programs. With fibre optic, all web-based software will run quicker and without delay.

Are there any drawbacks to fibre optic?

In all honesty, there aren’t any disadvantages to installing fibre optic broadband, so long as it’s available in your region. As well as the perks listed above, you’ll also have all the usual benefits associated with a standard broadband package.

With excellent security to ensure sensitive information remains private and the opportunity to utilise cloud storage, you’ll also be able to back-up your valuable information. Plus, as with an ADSL connection, you’ll have the same level of technical support. This helps to get you back up and running in no time at all should you experience any downtime.

Just remember, fibre optic broadband is arriving in more regions of the UK all the time and even if you can’t access it now, the chances are you’ll have this potential in the near future.

For more information on business broadband and the capabilities of fibre optic, get in touch with the Aerial Direct team by calling 0330 019 3663.