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22 March, 2016

Set for release: What to lookout for with the Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung has quickly become one of the brands to beat in the mobile phone world and each release is now greeted with excitement from customers all over the world. There’s…
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Aerial Direct
15 March, 2016

Five Affordable Mobiles Perfect for your Business

Five or six years ago, the battle for supremacy when it came to business mobile phones was often a one-sided contest. Blackberry was far and away the favoured option for…
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Hints and Tips
2 March, 2016

Mobile Contracts vs. SIM-Only: Which is best?

We’re currently witnessing a golden age in technology and with the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and the brilliant features they’re complete with; it seems every mobile user in the country…
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Hints and Tips
17 February, 2016

What can we expect from the LG G5 this spring?

The mobile world is forever changing and with every new handset, the technology and features continue to improve. For LG, there has been unprecedented success over the last few years.…
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9 February, 2016

The Best Apps to Help You Out This Valentine’s Day

For many it’s a date that comes around all too quickly, but once again, Valentine’s Day is upon us and people up and down the country will be scurrying around…
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Hints and Tips
3 February, 2016

How to help the environment and earn with mobile phone recycling

If you upgrade your mobile phone every 24 months (as is the length of a typical contract), you’ll go through five handsets over a 10-year period. What do you do…
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