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These apps aren’t your average fitness app

Whether you’ve set yourself a New Year’s Resolution to get fit, or you just want to lose a bit of ‘Christmas weight’, reading this blog is a step in the right direction. We’d like to help you achieve your fitness goals, so as mobile experts, we’ve researched the latest fitness apps and picked a selection that you may not have heard of, until now.

These apps are a fun alternative to the average fitness app like Run keeper and Strava, however, if those apps are more your style, you should read our Top fitness apps for 2017” blog. Each app listed below promises to motivate you in completely different, but brilliant, ways.

1. Charity Miles

Simply select your charity and choose your type of activity and exercise to start with. The app then finds companies that will sponsor you, allowing you to raise money for your favourite charity as you exercise.

2. Zombies, Run!

Turn your run into a story to get the adrenaline pumping. Your mission is to rebuild civilization by gathering critical supplies and rescuing survivors whilst being chased by zombies. As you walk, jog or run, the app will relay your mission and play music through your headphones. With over 200 missions, you’ll never run out of motivation.

3. RockMyRun 

This isn’t your typical running tracker, but you can use this as your motivation. RockMyRun is a clever app detects your movement and matches your pace with music from its 1000+ stations while you run, walk, cycle or lift weights.


Carrot Fit is fantastically blunt and it’s not afraid to let you know if you’ve put on weight. Guaranteed to make you chuckle, it will threaten, inspire and bribe you into shape. Its goal is to “transform your flabby carcass into a Grade A specimen of a human race” its words, not ours. The 7-minute sessions are broken down into 30-second high-intensity intervals with 10 second breaks.

Cost: £2.99

5. Pact

Make a weekly pact to exercise more or eat healthier. If you reach your goal, you’ll be rewarded with cash. If you don’t, you’ll pay other pact members. This will really motivate you to stay on track. You can choose to the gym, vegetables or logging your food so you can focus on the area that suits you.

6. Breathe2Relax

Use breathing exercises to relax and reduce stress. This app educates you on the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing rather that chest breathing, which most of us do, and demonstrates how to achieve these breathing exercises.

We’ve done our best to find fitness apps that will get you looking forward to your workout, so find the app that’s right for you, get stuck in and don’t give up. Have fun and good luck!

We’d love to know what your must-have fitness apps are, so let us know if we’ve missed any by emailing talktous@