Here are 5 reasons why you should pay by Direct Debit:

Direct Debit is a convenient way to pay your bills and has become a popular and efficient method for individuals and businesses to make regular payments. In fact, 79% of individuals have at least one set up. If you are a customer of Aerial Direct’s and do not pay by Direct Debit but would like to, please complete the form or contact us.

1. Save time

There’s no need to call your service provider every month to pay your bill as it can all be taken care of for you. Your time can be better spent doing something far more exciting.

2. Save money

With most service providers, you can save money each month by switching to Direct Debit. At Aerial Direct, our O2 customers save £3 a month just by setting up a Direct Debit. There are no strings attached and it’s really simple to do.

3. Peace of mind

If you’re not paying your bill by Direct Debit, you’re probably phoning your service provider every month. Setting up a Direct Debit means you don’t need to remember to do this and you won’t have to worry about late payments. It will all be automated.

4. Predictable outgoings

Improve your cash flow with predictable outgoings on the same date every month so you know exactly when your payments are made.

5. Simple to set up

A Direct Debit can be set up with very little fuss and in most cases this can be arranged by your provider upon request. If you’re an Aerial Direct customer, we’ll do everything for you. Just complete a short form here and we’ll get started.