Why Aerial Refresh?

With Aerial Refresh, you can upgrade your mobile at any point in your mobile plan.

Your Device payments are canceled as soon as your device is paid off

You can upgrade your device
whenever you want

Trade in your old device and put the cash towards your new device

How it works

Aerial Refresh splits your bill into two parts. Your Device Plan is the cost of your mobile or tablet, and your Airtime Plan is the cost of your data, texts and minutes.

Typically, most providers bundle these costs together, so if you do want to upgrade early, they charge you for both your Device plan and your Airtime plan. With Aerial Direct, once you’ve paid off the cost of your device, you will only continue paying for you Airtime plan, saving you money.

Upgrading your device

If you’d like to upgrade your mobile or tablet and you’re still paying for a device with us, you simply pay off the remainder of your device plan and choose your new mobile or tablet.

Once you have paid off your device, you will only continue paying for your Airtime plan.

Once you upgrade to Aerial Refresh

Your Credit Agreement

With Aerial Refresh we send your credit agreement to you directly which is where you e-sign. A copy of the credit agreement is sent for your records but is not stored by Aerial Direct.

Credit is subject to approval and satisfactory passing of a Credit Check.

Credit is provided by Omni Capital Retail Finance, or Henry Howard Finance No1 as determined by Aerial Direct.

Your Tariff

You are free to move onto a higher tariff at any point, however, you cannot reduce your tariff onto a lower tariff until your contract has expired. To find out more information about when and how you can change tariffs please click here.

Your Allowance

Once your tariff is changed, you can start on your new allowance. In month 1 of your new allowance, we will calculate how many minutes you can use from your old and new tariff. You can keep on top of how many minutes you’ve got remaining by sending a text to 21202.

Your Bills

You can view bills and current payment information through My o2, however, you can contact one of our helpful advisors on 02392 60 30 55, who you find out how much you have left to pay on your phone or look through your bill.

Phone Upgrade

You can pay off your phone plan at any time without incurring any additional charges. Once, the phone plan is paid off you are free to choose a brand-new phone.

Your mobile plan is covered by a Consumer Credit Agreement, which contains terms and information you need to read and agree to.

Terms and Conditions.

Explore a range of popular phones

We have a range of mobile phones to meet all requirements, along with the best O2 plans. Our experts are here to help you find a plan that does exactly what you need it to.

Other services:

Aerial Recycle
Recycle your mobile or tablet for cash. To recycle your device for cash or credit on your account, simply complete the form and we’ll be in touch to process your order.

WiFi Calling

Wifi and 4G calling lets you move seamlessly between Wifi and 4G network coverage, so you can continue your call, check your email or browse the internet at the same time.

Our friendly advisors are on hand to help find you the right mobile phone and tariff for you.

Simply contact us on 02392 60 30 55, or start a chat with us today.

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